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Vision & Hearing Support worked with Joanna to review her benefits entitlement which brought in additional income.

After attending the Low Vision Service, Joanna was able to make better use of her remaining sight and received magnifiers.

Our rehabilitation service provided Independent Living Skills and Orientation/ Mobility training to help build her confidence both in her home and in the community. Joanna was also referred for a guide dog which she now has.

Joanna accessed our Vision Support project to help build her confidence through social activities, this helped her cope emotionally too.

Joanna attended our Living Well with Sight Loss programme that provides practical information as well as facilitating a peer support group to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Joanna now leads an active and fulfilling life and has returned to many of her hobbies such as needlework and baking. She is confident to travel independently and is an ambassador for those living with sight loss and the local support available.