What we do

We are a local Charity working with people who are blind, partially sighted, Deaf or hard of hearing on their journey to independence. We make sure people have choice and control over their lives and help others better understand the impact of sensory loss.

In South Tyneside and Gateshead over 11,700 people live with sight loss and over 1,800 are registered blind. Over 65,500 adults in this area are deaf or hard of hearing.

We deliver early intervention, crisis prevention and integrated social activities to reduce preventable sensory loss, maintain independence and mental wellbeing and reduce social isolation. Our interventions ensure that people;

  • Can live more independently
  • Are less socially isolated
  • Are more confident and empowered
  • Experience improved wellbeing

Our unique integrated Pathway to Independence makes sure we provide the right support at the right time for individuals. Our interventions include specialist Counselling, Enablement Assessments, Rehabilitation, Social and Peer support, Employment, Welfare and Advocacy and Digital support.